Zurn Industries Limited offers over 4,000 Zurn plumbing products in Canada from six fully-stocked service centers and seventeen sales organizations covering all major Canadian population centers.

Included are non-residential specification, roof and floor drains, wall and post hydrants, grease, oil and solids interceptors, commercial fixture support systems, sanitary floor sinks, traps, water hammer arrestors and related stainless steel drainage products.

Also offered are manual and automatic sensor-operated flush valves and sensor conversion kits, sensor-operated hand dryers, commercial and institutional faucets.

In addition, Zurn Industries Limited provides commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural backflow prevention valves, pressure reducing regulators, ball valves, Y-strainers and temperature and pressure relief valves.

Another product line encompasses specification, commercial and residential tubular brass and plastic plumbing traps, sink strainers and cleanouts, stops and supplies.

Zurn Industries Limited also serves the light commercial and residential user by providing plastic and cast iron drains, wall hydrants, cleanouts and related specialty plumbing products.

Finally, the Zurn Canadian operation markets stainless steel, fiberglass and formed polypropylene pre-sloped trench drainage systems.

Zurn Industries Limited
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