The Zurn Specification Drainage Operation, previously known as the Hydromechanics Division, has been in business since 1900. In fact, a patented backflow valve was the very first product manufactured by the company that was the foundation of Zurn Industries, Inc.

Today Zurn Specification Drainage Operation is a leading producer of water and wastewater control products for the commercial, industrial and institutional building construction industry. Zurn products are highly engineered and manufactured to meet all ANSI standards and are specified by architects, engineers, plumbing contractors and wholesalers involved in non-residential construction. The extensive resources of the Zurn Specification Drainage Operation include an automated gray-iron foundry capable of producing Class 25-30 castings to l00 pounds and pouring up to 60 tons per day.

To respond to customer needs, Zurn drainage products are part of a complete line of over 4,000 Zurn plumbing products that are distributed through 56 fully-stocked service centers and 97 sales representative organizations located throughout the United States and Canada.

The 320-page Zurn Customer Guide lists specifications and technical data needed to properly size roof drains, floor drains, interceptors, carrier systems, hydrants, cleanouts, floor sinks, water hammer arrestors, traps, primers and backwater valves for new or retrofit installation.

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